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Mauritius Last Standing Mammal is Alive and Well

The last remaining native mammal to Mauritius is the fruit bat. It flies with ease but as every other species of bat, it is not one

Otile Brown and Vera Sidika Express Their Love For Mauritius

The irresistible and exciting allurement of Mauritius’ scenery continues to bait several public figures and fun lovers. Photographs of Socialite, Vera Sidika along with lover Otile

Otile and Vera Trolled on Social Media as Mauritius Photos Emerge

As more pictures from the vacation of the ‘Chaguo la Moyo’ crooner with his renowned socialite lover, in Mauritius, continue to flood the internet, social media

Flying to Mauritius Made Easy

Mauritius is perhaps Africa’s leading destination for tourists. It is home to large golf courses as well as peace-loving multiracial inhabitants, situated right in the middle

Model Boat-Making is Serious Business in Mauritius

Many families who now pride themselves as Mauritian entrepreneurs have used their keen interest in, and love for, the sea into building models of yachts. Considering

Two UNESCO Heritage Sites Define Mauritius’ History

The exotic Island nation currently plays host to two UNESCO heritage sites: Aapravasi Ghat (inscribed in 2006) and Le Morne Brabant (inscribed in 2008). Although both