For an island having such an expanse of landmass with a small population density correspondingly, there then emerges an overabundance of open space for recreation. Taking out time to holiday in Mauritius is definitely worth the quid, considering that the unique experience that comes with visiting this island nation off the coast of Africa is next to none.

Mauritius has a rich multiracial culture which has resulted in the profusion of rich blends of exotic and exclusive recipes and cuisine on the island. The welcoming populace, activities lined up for leisure travellers, bonding honeymooners as well as others events for families such as hiking in the jungle, swimming with dolphins, and lots more make the allurement an irresistible one, even for the most cynical individual.


Mauritius is a destination which boasts one of the most diverse cuisines in the world. Strongly influenced by French, African, and Asian culinary combining to form a unique blend of flavour.

There is a wide range of recipes available on the menu, such as mutton halim (soup), babonne (a fleshy white fish), fish vindaye, daube, fish or chicken kalia, tomato-based chicken stew, and Indian vindaloo.

Golf Courses

Golf is a major sport which the island is renowned for, and serves as one of the attractions for visitors who are lovers of outdoor sports. Mauritius currently ranks third in the world behind the United Kingdom and India on the list of the countries where golf sport is played the most.

The history of golf on the island dates back to the early 1900s when members of the Royal Navy opened the first golf club – Gymkhana.

Open markets

Buying merchandise comes with great ease, given that there are street vendors readily stationed or hawking items ranging from food to handcrafts. The cheerful glee that greets you as you navigate through the market is a direct reflection of the Mauritian life. Some of the famous markets include Curepipe, Port Louis, etc.