Mauritius Bus Transport System Goes Digital

The management of the popular Mauritian Bus Transport (MBT) company has taken to the adoption of technological innovation considering its recent launch of a custom-made mobile application. This system offers several routes within its coverage, typically those in the northern region of the island nation. At its launch in late August, the app was only available to Android users.

About the App

Uday Raj Gujadhur, the Director of MBT said “…the mobile application informs users on the time he or she will get the next available bus without the anxiety and other mental and physical uneasiness associated with the thoughts of missing the bus. One of its features is a real-time map constantly updating the location of the bus. Consequently, users can effectively schedule time relative to the arrival of the bus.”

The application has appealed to many, with well over 500 downloads within the first two weeks of its introduction. This is quite exciting for passengers who now happily avoid the usual hustle and bustle at bus stops as well as the ugly embarrassment of not catching the bus when due. Just like the young, senior citizens in the society also appreciate the app because it is simple to use and makes their lives easier too.

At the moment, the technical team, along with the contracted Mauritian ICT companies (typically start-ups) is working tirelessly to ensure that there is a timely release of the Apple iOS version. Yash Gujadhur, MBT Traffic and Operation Engineer said, “With the launch of the Metro Express, they should be able to offer solutions that will enhance the timely arrival of people”.

Coverage Routes

Aside the northern region, which happens to be the hub of MBT, the application is also tailored to cover trips through other cities such as Mariana, New Discovery, Ripailles, Heartbreak, Camp-la-Boue, Kitchin, Water-Boiled, Bois-Pignolet, Terre-Red, Long-Mountain, Pamplemousses, North Hospital, Richie-Jumbo Land, St. Croix and Abercrombie, amongst many others.