Mauritius Casino Arena Gets a Boost from a Government Agency

State Investment Corporation is a large-scale group in the business of investment, founded in 1984. Its main objective is to provide funds for the realization of robust entrepreneurial ventures, as well as rendering needed assistance to businesses to ensure that they attain industry leadership position.

Over the years, the Group has grown into a substantial conglomerate, with a robust and diversified portfolio currently valued at about $220 million. As an investment arm of the Mauritian Government, it has a reputation which allows its “endorsement of projects” to be perceived as a key contributor to success.

The Corporation has, through time, proven to be worthy and valuable for both local and foreign entrepreneurs operating in the Mauritius business space, as well as those desiring to set up business ventures in the country, the island of Rodrigues, and other regions of the Indian Ocean.

The Chief Executive of SIC visits Casino du Caudan

Prem Beejan, the Chief Executive of SIC, is working round the clock with his retinue of staff to ensure that the casinos are in tiptop shape and would be appealing enough to satisfy foreign guests who are poised to come and spend their money there.

Though there are minor challenges, he hopes to improve on all the casinos as soon as possible, and insists that the replacement of the Touchbets will be paramount, while promising that new devices will also be installed. The SIC boss also made known the intentions of improving upon other Casinos listed on like Grans Baie, Curepipe, and Domaine des Pailles.

For the Mauritian government, regulation and refurbishing are two areas they are very particular about, so as to ensure that every visitor to the casinos would have value for money spent and then go back home thoroughly satisfied with the standard and quality of the game houses.