Tons of pictures detailing the exotic scenery of Mauritius, such as the villas with thatched roofing, gorgeous palms, sugarcane plantations, and the glistening white sand beaches, have excited the minds of bliss-seeking travellers for a long time, explaining why millions of tourists choose this paradise as their renowned destination for the best of fun and relaxation.

Mauritius is located over a thousand miles from the mainland, eastward of Madagascar which ensures that this island nation in the middle of the Indian Ocean enjoys a tropical climate with a relatively comfortable temperature, making it the perfect destination for sunbathers.

Activities and Cuisines

The paradise island is very rich in sand and sea, exotic towns and cities to explore, and heritage sites to visit. There is also a myriad of fun activities to last one’s entire stay in the island, leaving no room for boredom.

From the fascinating shipwrecks and dive spots to the various schools of fish beneath the sea, Mauritius always has a way of ensuring that visitors are thoroughly entertained. If diving isn’t one’s favourite pie, there is room for enjoying the amazing sights from a good distance.

The seafood presented on the fascinating menu is something every visitor would definitely want to try. This is because the rich multiracial culture expands the range of recipe options available. Visitors can also enjoy the exciting blend of tastes from the fusion of Indian, Chinese, Creole, and French cuisines.

Myriads of Options

Compared to other islands with exclusive luxury, Mauritius allows leisure travellers on low budgets to get the most out of their money because of the good number of options available to pick from. Travellers can get comfortable accommodation and great spots for eating out that suit individual tastes and budgets. There are dozens of online platforms with price listings to help properly plan that memorable holiday effectively.