If it is true that any pleasant place of exceptional delight and happiness may be regarded as paradise, then Mauritius is that tropical location where leisure travellers and holidaymakers from around the world must visit to find bliss, exceptional delight, and happiness.

If you desire a serene holiday with the best luxury can offer, speedboats, sunbathing, diving, hiking, and swimming in a tropical environment, just to mention a few, there is no better place to be than Mauritius.

As a family, you can all engage in loads of pleasurable activities lined up for tourists. From the exploration of historical spots to the discovery of the amazingly multiracial Mauritian culture, there is no time for boredom, it is all fun! Even though the country is filled with different ethnic people, they all share a common sense of family values.


Some of the activities and side attractions include swimming in the greenish-blue lagoon, underwater safari, and firsthand experience of preserved wildlife such as tigers, lions, the famous Mauritius fruit bat – the last surviving mammal native to the Island nation, and a host other of cute animals.

One of the several notable sites, the “Ganga Talao,” also called the “Grand Basin,” is a crater lake about 1,800 feet above sea level. It plays host to a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva which may be the reason why locals consider the lake very sacred and believe that its waters are sourced from the holy waters of River Ganges.

Be that as it may, the shoreline is home to smaller shrines in honour of various gods shrouded under a very notable and impressive statue of Lord Shiva towering up as high as 33 meters tall.

Other side attractions include homemade recipe cuisines that have been passed down through several generations and some exciting locations where you can find awesome souvenir deals for friends and family back home.