Model Boat-Making is Serious Business in Mauritius

Many families who now pride themselves as Mauritian entrepreneurs have used their keen interest in, and love for, the sea into building models of yachts. Considering that well over 30000 ships sail through, and around, the Mauritian waters yearly automatically make Port Louis famous for boats. Many have taken to the workshops, and are making a fortune out of their ship model-making practice.

Boat Modelling is a Serious Business

Prime Minister Jugnauth is especially very particular about opening up the ocean space for more businesses to thrive. With Tanzania, Kenya, and Madagascar not too far away, he believes that cooperation on the seas, would not only curb piracy, but also provide more income for boat makers, and others who are working in the industry.

Just as real boats, ships, and cruise vessels are catching the eyes of the government, and significant business concerns, smaller families are also tapping into the surging boat modelling business. Serge Piat, manager of the Historic Marine company, whose forefathers started making model boats in the 80s, is one delighted and successful man, who has benefitted immensely from the venture.

Touring the Workshop

The workshop where these men make their crafts consists of several sections, such as the rigging department. The ladies working in there are responsible for the sails, rigging and spar of the models. Similar to that is the paint section, where the model receives a final touch of colour, and a lady puts the finishing touches on the little details of the model craft.

Indeed, there is a sense of fulfilment these craftsmen get, when customers tell tales about how these souvenirs have enriched their lives. Undoubtedly, all the myriad of jobs created, satisfied sellers and the buyers of model boats would not have existed, if the government were not interested in taking advantage of its prime position as the world’s top tourist destination.