Otile and Vera Trolled on Social Media as Mauritius Photos Emerge

As more pictures from the vacation of the ‘Chaguo la Moyo’ crooner with his renowned socialite lover, in Mauritius, continue to flood the internet, social media has been lit up with a myriad of trolling reactions.

The famous socialite, Vera Sidika, along with her lover Otile Brown, a famous Kenyan musician, has been on the news, ever since photos from their time together in Mauritius went viral over the internet.

The lovebirds, like every other fun couple or leisure traveller, had recently visited the beautiful island nation, strategically located in the middle of the turquoise Indian ocean, and it appears both have fallen head over heels in love with each other.

Anonymous Sponsor

The Standard Newspaper through its digital arm reported that the lovebirds were on a sponsored trip, to the fascinating island nation, renowned for its beautiful scenery.

Although Brown had earlier mentioned, in a report by Standard Digital, that there had been several sponsorships offers from different brands which they had turned down, the identity of this sponsor is yet to be determined at the time of filing this report.

The Photos

The lovers could not resist the temptation of sharing photographs of their time together. The ‘Chaguo la Moyo’ singer went on to update his Instagram page with a photograph of himself and lover, in revealing clothing, under the caption “Neema za Allah” literally meaning, “gift from Allah”.

The photo went viral, sparking a lot of trolling reactions from netizens, who couldn’t accept the fact he had associated God’s name with a photograph projecting ‘nudity.’ Others cautioned him against the further advertisement of his shapely lover, or risk losing her untimely to someone else.

Meanwhile, Sidika had earlier captioned a photo of Otile carrying her in his arms, ‘Get you a strong man that can carry you like a little baby’ which also attracted some trolling remarks.