Otile Brown and Vera Sidika Express Their Love For Mauritius

The irresistible and exciting allurement of Mauritius’ scenery continues to bait several public figures and fun lovers. Photographs of Socialite, Vera Sidika along with lover Otile Brown having a swell time in the island nation have gone viral on the internet.

It was Standard Digital that broke the news about the lover boy posting a photo of himself and his lover on his Instagram page with a caption stating that he is with his woman vacationing in the beautiful country. Sidika, on the other hand, posted a photo with a caption emphasizing the importance of creating beautiful memories over making money.

Their nascent love has sparked criticism from several quarters on social media with people calling out the public display of affection (PDA) a sham that should be ignored, Brown has come out to express shock while affirming his love for the voluptuous socialite.

“We have been together for four months and our relationship has attracted endorsement deals from various brands who want us as their ambassadors but we turned them down,” Brown said, “I have met Sidika’s mum as well as her brother with whom I normally hang out with whenever I have a gig in Mombasa,” he further reiterated.

Although Brown had earlier gone public about his love for Sidika, he would not cease to talk about their love as he went further to describe how they both reached a consensual agreement to make their relationship official after the realization of their mutual feeling of love.

“With the time we have been together, I have come to know her beyond the knowledge social media projects about her. She is good-hearted, and I fell in love with a smart sensitive woman who is loving and caring.” Brown further said “we will be in Kisumu next week to meet my grandmother and the other members of my family.

Perhaps like the couple, a vacation in Mauritius might be the icing needed to crown your relationship.