The Republic of Mauritius is a stunning island nation, located off the south-east coast of the African continent, right in the middle of the south-west Indian Ocean. Mauritius, along with Reunion Island and Rodrigues, forms part of the Mascarene Islands.

The Dutch were the first to colonise Mauritius, hence the island was named after a Dutch prince, Maurits (Mauritius in Latin) of the House of Nassau. His father, William of Orange, (also known as William the Silent), was the head of the Duch East India Company.

Following her independence on 12th of March 1968, the country marched on a path of progress, and development, led by the first Prime Minister Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam, popularly known as “Father of the Nation.” Mauritius development hinges on political stability, and foreign investment attraction. These have enhanced the growth of the nation, as it launches itself as one of Africa’s wealthiest countries, as well as a tourist delight.

The people of Mauritius are from different racial backgrounds, considering that about two-thirds of the population is of Indian origin, while the rest of its citizens consist of people from Africa, Madagascar, China, and French descent. Be that as it may, English is their official language.

The shimmering beaches and spectacular landscape makes it one of the most beautiful, and most visited, countries in Africa, and this has further buoyed the country to launch itself as the perfect destination for tourists to enjoy their vacation.

Some Sites Every Tourist Must Visit When in Mauritius

  • Chamarel coloured earth
  • Grand Baie
  • Casela nature park
  • Recif Attitude
  • Le Palmiste Resort
  • Grand basin
  • Downtown Port Louis
  • Rodrigues
  • China town
  • Rochester falls
  • Payerbere beach

The sapphire-blue waters, luxury resorts, and beaches combine to make it a choice destination for fun- and bliss-seeking tourists. Many visitors who desire to see nature as a true paradise, have chosen Mauritius as their favourite travel destination. This explains why tourism is one of the primary drivers of the country’s economy.